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Publications are ordered by descending date of publication and are suffixed with a short intro.

2017-04: Philip Mayer, Michael Kirsch, and Minh Anh Le On multi-language software development, cross-language links and accompanying tools: a survey of professional software developers . In Journal of Software Engineering Research and Development (2017), doi:10.1186/s40411-017-0035-z, published online 19 April 2017.

This work reports on a survey of 139 professional software developers on topics of multi-language software development and cross-language linking. Participants report that multi-language programming is common in their experience, but leads to multiple problems.

2016-12: Philip Mayer: A Taxonomy of Cross-Language Linking Mechanisms in Open Source Frameworks. . In Computing (2016), doi:10.1007/s00607-016-0528-3, published online 20 December 2016.

This work provides a taxonomy, that is a systematization of the different ways created for developers for specifying cross-language links. The systematization is based on a thorough and systematic investigation of 22 well-known open source frameworks across different languages.

2015-04: Philip Mayer and Alexander Bauer: An Empirical Analysis of the Utilization of Multiple Programming Languages in Open Source Projects . In Proceedings of the 19th International Conference on Evaluation and Assessment in Software Engineering (EASE), pages 1-10, Nanjing, China. April 27-29, 2015.

This work examines OSS projects selected for diversity to investigate the phenomenon of multi-language programming. This includes general statistics; a regression analysis of project properties; and a graph of language associations for well-known languages.

2014 – 07: Philip Mayer and Andreas Schroeder. Automated Multi-Language Artifact Binding and Rename Refactoring between Java and DSLs used by Java Frameworks . In Proceedings of the European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming (ECOOP),  July 28-August 1, 2014, Uppsala, Sweden. R. Jones (Ed.): ECOOP 2014, LNCS 8586, pp. 437–462. Springer, Heidelberg (2014)

A thorough evaluation of our system for cross-language linking between six Java-framework based languages over seven open source case studies (follow-up to the WRT publication listed below).

Distinguished Artifact Award

The artifact for this paper (which consists of the Eclipse plugins which realize the described functionality) has received the “Distinguished Artifact Award” of ECOOP 2014.

2013-10: Philip Mayer and Andreas Schroeder: Towards Automated Cross-Language Refactorings between Java and DSLs used by Java Frameworks . In Proceedings of the 6th ACM Workshop on Refactoring Tools (WRT), 2013 ACM SIGPLAN conference on Systems, Programming, Languages, and Applications: Software for Humanity (SPLASH), pg. 5-8, October 26-31 2013, Indianapolis, USA.

A preliminary look at an infrastructure for cross-language links between six Java-framework-based languages (evaluated in the ECOOP paper above).

2013-05: Philip Mayer and Andreas Schroeder: Patterns of Cross-Language Links in Java Frameworks . In 21st IEEE International Conference on Program Comprehension (ICPC), May 20-21 2013, pg. 113-122, San Francisco, USA.

Here, we look at common patterns of linking in three industrial Java frameworks which use DSLs and cross-language linking, and the language primitives which would be required to create a linking language. You can download the supplemental Cross-Language Linking Rules (PDFs)

2012-09: Philip Mayer and Andreas Schroeder: Cross-Language Code Analysis and Refactoring . In 12th IEEE International Working Conference on Source Code Analysis and Manipulation (SCAM), pg. 94-103, September 23-24 2012 – Riva del Garda, Trento, Italy.

This paper discusses an approach for using QVT/R for linking artifacts between different language meta-models.

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